Tips on How to Dye Car Carpet

Carpets, whether used at home or in cars, are certainly very difficult to tidy and maintain. They are easily stained and they fade as time passes by. We know the fact that buying new carpet can be very costly. Luckily, since there are various dyeing kits readily available in the market today, you no longer have to buy new carpet for your car. You may just consider dyeing it to give it a fresher and new appearance.

Useful Tips in Dyeing Your Car Carpet:

When purchasing a car carpet dye kit, it is advisable to pick the one that is one tone darker than the standard color of your car carpet. The reason behind this is that you can be assured that your carpet will get a brighter appearance. But, make sure that the color you pick is almost similar to the original color of your carpet so that they will blend well. Car carpet dye kits available today comes in dye concentrate, stain remover, spray bottle and bleach neutralizer. There are even some that come with red stain remover and scrub brush. The procedure below will be successfully accomplished with the use of a car carpet dye kit.


1. Gently remove the carpet from your car and carefully remove the dust, soil and dirt particles. You may use the stain remover and apply it to the carpet's stained area. Afterwards, scrub out the stain through the use of a wet wash cloth. Ensure that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned and free from any dirt or stain for this will help to make it look newer. Dry the carpet completely.

2. Read the instructions on the car carpet dye kit carefully. Proportionately blend the dye concentrate with water and then put this mixture in the spray bottle. Afterwards, spray it evenly on the entire car carpet.

3. Scrub the dye in a manner that allows it to spread evenly on the carpet with the use of a brush. For better results, you may spray the mixture on the carpet and gently scrub it using the brush in a side by side technique. Afterwards, allow the carpet to dry up.

4. Once the carpet is completely dried, it's high time to put it back in your car. Make sure to put it into the appropriate place and you will see how different your carpet is. It will certainly look new, making your car interior truly attractive and pleasing to the eyes.

By following this helpful technique, you can effortlessly finish the task in no time right at your own home. If you follow the steps accordingly, your car carpet will absolutely achieve a new and brighter look which can last for more years to come. The dye does not easily fade off even if you wash and clean your carpet again. All you have to do is be patient enough to do the process. The car carpet dye kit is worth its price and you can even save more on it as opposed to buying a new car carpet.