Selecting the Right Truck Bed Liner For Your Pickup

Bed Liner comes in different shapes and sizes. It is made to protect the flooring of the truck bed which is quite similar to what floor mats and liners do for other vehicles. This automotive accessory is essential to use especially if you often put load on the bed. The bed’s floor can be ruined by dirt, grime and liquid so it would need an extra protection to retain its good condition. It can also prevent your gears and loads from shifting or slipping when you hit the brakes.

Before you buy a bed liner for your truck, there are some differences you’ll need to take note first. Would you want a BedTred or BedRug? They have the similar purpose of protecting the truck bed, but let us know the differences between the two.

Which bed liner works best for your truck?

BedRug and BedTred are actually made by the same brand called BedRug, which is the company behind the popular truck bed liners and mats.

– BedTred Pro Truck Bed Liner

BedTred is molded from quarter-inch thick thermoplastic olefin composite which provides a spray-in liner look with a drop-in mat convenience. It is also bonded with water-resistant closed-cell foam to prevent liquid and other substances to leak onto bed flooring.

This product is great if you’re loading heavy loads which can cause dents and gashes in your truck bed. It provides a heavy-duty protection to the bed but it’s not recommended if you’re loading up delicate cargo such as furniture, electronics, sports equipment or even pets. It has no skid resistance so your cargo will crash toward the tailgate or slide forward toward the cab if you hit the brakes. Kids are also not recommended to sleep on this liner because it might scrape their knees because of the hard abrasive surface. It covers the floor, sides, wheel wells and tailgate of your truck. It is custom made for specific trucks to ensure it will fit directly to the bed.

– BedRug Bed Mat

This one is made from thick, carpet-like foam unlike the all-plastic materials from the BedTred. It is great to use if you need an extra protection on the bed but with a luxurious feel. It is created with non-abrasive to prevent any scratch on the finish of your truck.

It provides an impact absorbing barrier to grip and hold the cargo in place during transport. It has a foam floor and plastic fiber surface that works as an anti-slip material. It cushions your valuable load and has knee-friendly surface that is smooth and comfortable compared to BedTred. It is also made for specific vehicle to guarantee that it will fit properly onto the bed and can be installed without drilling holes.

BedRug and Bedtred have its differences but have the same purpose to provide protection to the truck bed. Both products are constructed using superior materials with superb craftsmanship to ensure its durability and quality. Select the best liner that will suit your preference and needs. The bed liners are custom-formed to the truck bed to guarantee a flawless fit and hassle-free installation.

7 Ways a Pickup Bed Mat Beats a Spray on Bed Liner

Everybody wants an expensive, spray on bed liner. Well, almost everybody… Not me… A pickup bed mat makes a lot more sense for the way lots of people use a truck. Check out these 7 ways the cheap mats beat the big dollar mats…

1. Dents bounce off.

Yeah high dollar liners are thick and tough, but not as tough as a good, cheap rubber liner. Even a carpet liner soaks up the pounding as good as a big buck liner, maybe better.

2. They’re cheap.

Who wants to spends hundreds of dollars on a bed liner? What are you going to do? Put a bed liner over the bed liner to protect the bed liner? Give me a bed mat that looks good, works well and it’s CHEAP.

3. You can replace the thing.

I don’t want a permanent coating that’s subject to damage. So what if it’s guaranteed… I’d rather replace the liner if it’s beat up. I don’t want somebody repairing on a damaged liner. I want a new one that I can take out.

4. You have options.

Get a carpet liner that’s soft and easy on fragile cargo. Get a rubber mat that’ll stand up to concrete blocks. Look at the options.

5. Plastic’s even tougher than spray on.

Plastic bed liners beat spray on too. Cheap plastic bed mats stand up to scrapes and scars better than almost any other liner. It’s replaceable too and it’s cheaper too.

6. Can you stand sand?

You know how they make bedliner paint stick? They scratch all your truck bed paint just about as heavy as can be. Think about it? Somebody is going to turn loose a pneumatic sander on your truck bed and destroy the finish so they can apply a layer of spray that can still be banged up. I can’t stand it…

7. I like change.

Get a spray on bed liner and you’re stuck. You can’t change the thing. You’re stuck with the color. You’re stuck with the texture. You’re stuck. Forget it. I want to be able to change to a different design if I want. Maybe somebody will invent something better. Who knows?

A cheap pickup bed mat beats expensive spray on liner in all kinds of ways. Different opinions make a market. For my money, I’ll choose a cheap bed mat. I’ve got lots of choices too.